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Our team helps organizations like yours tell great stories about the good work you do—maximizing your impact and compelling others to rally around your cause.

Jeremy Hunka | Founder

Jeremy is a former television journalist now focused on promoting the work of non-profits across channels, with the aim of inspiring action and cultivating greater support. He has been lucky enough to travel the globe in partnership with charities like Save the Children and Samaritan's Purse, and has extensive television journalism experience with outlets like Global National, Global BC, CTV Winnipeg and CTV National News.

Maria Ellorin | Digital Strategy Director 

Maria Ellorin helps non-profits like you acquire and retain loyal donors through creative, data-driven campaigns. Her expertise in annual giving and digital marketing will elevate your fundraising efforts through comprehensive social media, email, and website strategies. Maria is always looking ahead at innovative ways to inspire your supporters to give - through matching campaigns, monthly giving, influencer marketing, peer-to-peer fundraising and more. Maria is thrilled to work with awesome people who share her commitment to equity and social justice.

Krystele Chavez | Digital Specialist 

Krystele Chavez has nearly a decade’s worth of experience working in the public sector. She believes in the power of storytelling and its ability to inspire good and advocate for change, utilizing her background in communications, political science and leadership strategy. Most recently, Krystele led the development and implementation of the digital communications infrastructure for the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and their Housing Central partners. She also serves as a Board Member to international charity People of Grace International Foundation, and is a Committee Member for the Women’s National Housing and Homelessness Network in Canada.

Nicole Hui | Manager of Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Amplification

Nicole Hui is a social media, communications and marketing specialist with 4+ years of experience working in the industry in various capacities, such as in digital editorial, broadcast news, and social media. She has worked with a variety of brands and loves using her writing and content creation skills to tell stories, drive engagement and create conversions.

Joy Kwa | Project and Operations Manager 

Joy Kwa brings people and resources together to ensure projects run smoothly and on-track. She has a background in leading creative teams to build intentional, engaging and goal-oriented content, helping highlight the work of amazing charities like yours. Joy's passion in seeing impact-driven organizations thrive fuels her to continually seek & do better for the causes you fight for. 

Jacey Saulog | Digital Marketing Specialist

Jacey Saulog is a well-versed fundraiser with expertise in annual, mid-level, and most recently, major giving. Her intimate understanding of fundraising best-practices, combined with skills in strategic planning and data analysis, and passion for storytelling helps non-profits stand out from the crowd. With experience working for charities with local, regional and global audiences, Jacey can help you attract new audiences and inspire current supporters to increase their giving.

Leah Rambally | Communications Coordinator

Leah Rambally brings over two years experience in the non-profit sector. She comes with a background in social media management, research and writing, donor relations and facilitation. Leah draws from both her professional and personal experiences with social services and strives to empower individuals and organizations through storytelling and spreading awareness to various causes.

Isabelle Headshot.jpeg
Isabelle Raghem | Media Relations Advisor

Isabelle Raghem is a former television reporter, video journalist and anchor who has worked in several Canadian cities including Vancouver, Victoria and Hamilton. She has a deep passion for compassionate, thoughtful and informative story-telling. She strives to shed light on important issues in our communities and to empower people to feel seen and heard.  With a love for nature, the ocean and outdoor activities, she packed her car and drove from Ontario to British Columbia in 2016. 

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