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Commitment to JEDI

We understand that inequities permeate all aspects of our lives. We came together out of the recognition that deep injustices in the world – child hunger, the water crisis, and the income gap, to name just a few – must change. We recognize the oppression and systemic discrimination visited upon Black, Indigenous and historically underrepresented groups across this land and globally, and we realize that we have a significant role to play in elevating all voices and dismantling systemic oppression.


Our goal is to hear, share and celebrate the stories of incredible organizations less-told because all stories must be told to truly move the world forward and make a lasting difference. We recognize that JEDI work is ongoing work, and while our team can’t fix it all, we are clear that we can and must contribute to a more equitable and just world. With our expertise and energy, we commit to illuminating and challenging narratives that dehumanize and marginalize. 


Our Why


Our vision is to create a more equitable global community by maximizing the impact of charities and purpose-driven organizations around the world. To achieve our vision, we position JEDI as:



Our work is guided by a belief that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. This means we lift and amplify the voices, inherent value, and identity of those we serve and partner with—centering the person in every conversation and action, not the organization, nor ourselves. 



Global equity exists when everyone has what they need to succeed, based on their individual circumstances. This means we amplify the beliefs, voices and contributions of those we partner with and honour their various perspectives. 



In a diverse environment, individuals with unique voices and viewpoints can be heard and honoured in meaningful, substantive ways. 



Inclusion exists when barriers to participation in decision-making processes are eliminated. In an inclusive environment, everyone has the space to voice their perspective and engage compassionately. 


Our Commitment


As communicators, marketers and storytellers, we value words – but we also recognize that words require action. Here are our commitments in the coming months and years. We will continue to update this. 


Project Excellence

  • We amplify the voices and work of individuals and organizations at the forefront of social justice.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to those we partner with, ensuring we not only self-critique but listen and learn to the community whenever we miss the mark. 

  • While we value JEDI over personal or company success, we recognize the most successful teams do best when JEDI is paramount, and know this will help our partners thrive as well.


Business Development

  • We seek clients and partners who are deeply invested in finding solutions to eradicate inequities.

  • We strive to hire people that help organizations achieve the true blend of voices in the communities they serve.

  • We invest in diverse talent and creators with varying stories, expertise areas, abilities, cultures and backgrounds.


Organizational Leadership

  • We commit to fostering a culture of learning, respectful communication and transparent feedback to ensure all staff, especially those with marginalized identities, feel a sense of belonging.

  • We commit to active listening, education and reflection, that further anti-racism.

  • We offer discounts or other allyship to BIPOC-led private organizations, as a step toward equity.

  • We make efforts to provide leadership and decision-making authority to people from historically underrepresented groups.


We believe in continuous improvement, and we know we have more to do. We will work on educating ourselves, engage in difficult conversations and hold ourselves and each other accountable.


Land Acknowledgement


We acknowledge with humble gratitude that we live and work on the traditional unceded lands of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples. We understand that this land holds immense significance for its original stewards and the peoples of this region.

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